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Who are we?

XNode Systems is a software company that is specialized in developing professional Web controls or components for the ASP.NET. Our primary goal is to make Web development more efficient and fun by providing highly reusable, feature rich yet light-weight Web controls or components to our customers.

XField Suite 1.9.3
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What product do we provide?

We developed and released XField Suite - a new generation of ASP.NET data entry Web controls that makes building rich and highly interactive data entry Web forms a very enjoyable experience for Web developers. XField Suite 1.9.3 is the latest version. It is mobile device aware and supports the following browsers:


See quick demo, detailed demo or learn more about XField Suite.

What is special about XField Suite?

XField Suite emphasizes on functionality encapsulation by leveraging the concept of Field Control. A Field Control in XField Suite contains multiple data entry related functionalities. Here is a highlight:

  • Auto Label:  automatically associate a label to a field by simply setting the Label property.
  • Built-in Validations:  declaratively configure pre-defined validations relevant to the field data type.
  • Custom Validation:  plug-in custom or even asynchronous validation logic.
  • Rich Validation Result:  graphical, textual or even custom validation result style.
  • Interactive Auto-Complete Suggest List:  tranforms all textbox fields into powerful searchable textbox.
  • Mobile Device Awareness:  interactive suggest list automatically adjusts on mobile devices for easy data entry.
  • ToolTip:  rich tooltip to help user enter data.
  • Powerful Searchable Drop Down List:  single-select (Dynamic List Field) and multi-select (Multi-Select List Field).
  • Highly interactive date picker, date/time picker and time picker.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use:  one field for one data entry task - no "super" controls requiring tricky settings.

These features bring the following benefits:

  • Unparalleled data entry user experiences on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Timely delivery of professional data entry Web forms with rich behaviors.
  • Quick response to frequently changing user requirements.
  • Focusing more on solving business problem such as building the domain layer of your software system.
  • Make it easy to build dynamic data entry Web form.

What's new in XField Suite 1.9.3?

  • Removed unnecessary HTML elements in DynamicListField and TimeListField.
  • Improved the label clicking logic for all autocompletable fields.
  • Removed unnecessary space between label and data control.

Quick Demo for XField Suite


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