Who are we?

XNode Systems specializes in building professional data entry software components for Web applications. Our mission is to help Web deveopers create the best data entry user experience.

Our Vision

Provide the best Web user experiences through powerful development tools.

XField Suite 2.1.1
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What product do we provide?

We developed XField Suite - a package of 20+ modern ASP.NET field controls that makes building rich and highly interactive data entry Web forms a very enjoyable experience for Web developers. XField Suite 2.1.1 is the latest version. It supports the following browsers:

IE8 and above

See demo or learn more about XField Suite.

What is special about XField Suite?

Simplicity is the primary focus of XField Suite. All data entry components in XField Suite are built around a core concept - Field Control. A Field Control usually represents a specific data type such as numeric value or date-time value on UI and is self contained with multiple data entry functionalities. Here's a features highlight of XField Suite:

  • Validations:  built-in client and server validations and extensible with custom validation
  • Auto-Suggest:  powerful auto-suggest enabled textbox, drop down list and drop down tree
  • Easy Date & Time Entry:  flexible in accepting many formats of entry and auto-suggest enabled time entry
  • Rich ToolTip:  supports HTML contents and auto-positioning
  • Rich Validation Result:  supports graphical, textual or even custom validation result style
  • Auto Field Label:  simply declare the label of a field
  • Easy Fields Layout & Styles Management:  supported through the Field Panel control
  • Declarative Programming:  simply declare what you want and let the component figure out how to do it

These features bring the following benefits:

  • Unparalleled data entry user experiences on Web
  • Significantly reduced development time and cost
  • Free developers to focus more on business problems
  • Greatly simplified development of dynamic (meta data driven) data entry screens
  • Write your application once & have it run anywhere, on web, mobile & tablets

What's new in XField Suite 2.1.1?

  • Added keyboard interface to all tree fields.
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